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Small Business Server Backup

Small Business Server Backup testimonial from a recent Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. client, in a testimonial from the citisearch website.

Dependable SafeSTOR saved the day! Testimonial by BethJenkins via Citysearch

“We would have been completely shut down if it hadn’t been for not only the Dependable SafeStor device, but the quick access we had to a technician at Dependable Computer Guys! And, this was on New Years Eve! I highly recommend Dependable Computer Guys and even more importantly, the Dependable SafeStor service.”

“I have worked with Dependable Computer Guys for a number of years now. They have done an excellent job handling all of the IT needs of our company. The most important service they have provided is Dependable SafeStor. We went onto the SafeStor service in December. Just a few weeks after starting, our computer server failed. We were unable to function at all. I called Dependable Computer Guys and within 20 minutes, remotely, they were able to switch us over to the SafeStor device and we were completely operational. We were able to be up and running while our server problem was diagnosed, the parts were ordered and the repair made.

Beth indicated that DCG has “Fast, reliable IT support”

Dependable Computer Guys, Incorporated — providing on-site IT support in Los Angeles since 1993. DCG’s proactive monitoring service, called St. Bernard Managed Care is the only IT support service platform that increases reliability while decreasing support costs. DCG is great for small and medium sized businesses that depend on reliable IT infrastructure; but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep it that way. For a free walk-thru, call Brent Whitfield at 213-261-3998. Dependable Computer Guys is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we support the following Microsoft Servers: Microsoft Standard & Enterprise Server, Small Business Server, Exchange and SQL server. Other technologies we support: Citrix, Cisco, Sonicwall, IBM Lotus Notes Domino,VMWare virtual server, Symantec Veritas, and StorageCraft Backup solutions, and all VPN’s. For backup and disaster recovery ask about Dependable SafeSTOR, DCG’s server backup solution.

New Dependable Computer Guys clients will receive FREE enterprise-grade Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware security software, for all their servers and workstations, when they outsource their IT with Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. For more information contact Brent Whitfield at 213-261-3998 to schedule your FREE on site walk-thru and IT evaluation. Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. is great for small businesses who depend on a reliable network, but don’t want to spend a lot to keep it that way. Offer limited to companies with at least one server and ten workstations.

CRM Database Backup:
Goldmine Database Backup, ACT Database Backup, and most other r SQL backup processes and/or Pervasive backup processes.

Virtualized Servers Backup:
Citrix server, Microsoft Servers running under the Microsoft Hyper “V” Virtualized and/or VMWare/ESX servers environments, and, of course Windows Terminal Server.

Microsoft Small Business Server Backup:
Microsoft Standard Server Backup, Microsoft SBS Server backup, Microsoft Small Business Server backup, MS Exchange Server backup, Microsoft Exchange Server “Brick” backup, and Microsoft SQL server backup

Accounting Program Backup:
Great Planes Backup, and Business Vision Backup. Quicken Backup and Quickbooks Backup, Peachtree Btrieve Backup and Microsoft Navision Pervasive Backup, and Great Plains Backup.

Dependable Computer Guys, Inc is serious about backing up the small business server.

For Small Business Server Backup in Los Angeles, check out this information from author Brent Whitfield, the CEO of Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. Dependable Computer Guys is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. DCG provides on-site and off-site Microsoft Server Small Business Server Backup in Los Angeles, along with IT support in Los Angeles since 1993. DCG’s proactive monitoring service, called St. Bernard Managed Care is the only IT support service platform that increases reliability while decreasing support costs. DCG is great for small and medium sized businesses that depend on reliable IT infrastructure; but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep it that way. For a free walk-thru, call Brent Whitfield at 213-261-3998. DCG suppo

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The End of Wall Street

The End of Wall Street

The roots of the mortgage bubble and the story of the Wall Street collapse-and the government’s unprecedented response-from our most trusted business journalist. The End of Wall Street is a blow-by-blow account of America’s biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression. Drawing on 180 interviews, including sit-downs with top government officials and Wall Street CEOs, Lowenstein tells, with grace, wit, and razor-sharp understanding, the full story of the end of Wall Street as we knew it. Displaying the qualities that made When Genius Failed a timeless classic of Wall Street-his sixth sense for narrative drama and his unmatched ability to tell complicated financial stories in ways that resonate with the ordinary reader-Roger Lowenstein weaves a financial, economic, and sociological thriller that indicts America for succumbing to the siren song of easy debt and speculative mortgages. The End of Wall Street is rife with historical lessons and bursting with fast-paced action. Lowenstein introduces his story with precisely etched, laserlike profiles of Angelo Mozilo, the Johnny Appleseed of subprime mortgages who spreads toxic loans across the landscape like wild crabapples, and moves to a damning explication of how rating agencies helped gift wrap faulty loans in the guise of triple-A paper and a takedown of the academic formulas that-once again- proved the ruin of investors and banks. Lowenstein excels with a series of searing profiles of banking CEOs, such as the ferretlike Dick Fuld of Lehman and the bloodless Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, and of government officials from the restless, deal-obsessed Hank Paulson and theovermatched Tim Geithner to the cerebral academic Ben Bernanke, who sought to avoid a repeat of the one crisis he spent a lifetime trying to understand-the Great Depression. Finally, we come to understand the majesty of Lowenstein’s theme of liquidity and capital, which explains the origins of the crisis and that p

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Small Scale Businesses And Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is an important function of a business, be it big or very small. Good bookkeeping practices are a must to maintain an accurate set of accounting books. This, in turn is necessary for one to help him take vital business decisions such as raising capital or going for bank loans. Of-course, it is also needed to know how much money a business is making as profit. Getting the accounting concepts and practices right for small businesses is all about doing simple accounting things in the best way every time. These practices are easy to implement; so, many business owners tend to go for the implementation aspect. Some of the relevant things that need to be looked into are mentioned. Keep all the business and personal transactions in a separate book. Make use of business cards, if possible, in order to segregate business transactions.

All sales proceeds, deposits and all the initial expenses have to be recorded in the business checking account; or else, on a business credit card. Enter in the books even the details of cash-receipts got from customers. It is ideal to store all the cash in a separate drawer and reconcile the transactions account at least once a month, if not, on a weekly basis. Keep track of the personal funds made use of to pay for the company expenses or vice-versa through a single account. Track the reimbursements made to the business owners also through this particular account. This helps one to identify which money was spent by you on the column of business transactions clearly and accurately. Make it a point to reconcile all your bank and credit card accounts on a monthly basis without fail. This practice is a highly recommended one since its benefits go beyond the recommended accounting principles and practices. Whenever your bookkeeper or you decide to reconcile the books, you would get a clear picture of how the funds moved in and out of your bank account every time.

Make it a point to track all the bills under a proper expense account, as far as feasible or possible. Always mention in detail the nature of the expenses in the memo. Accurate covering of the expenses incurred can save a lot of money in terms of taxes. This is due to the fact that many of the expenses may be deductible. Your bookkeepers or CPA may not be in a position to get you those benefits if it is not entered in the right accounts or at least with enough detail to support. Simplicity of business soft wares has made many small business owners to carry out their accounting tasks themselves. This is not always a good idea because without a thorough knowledge of basic accounting principles, one is liable to make errors, for instance, treating a liability as an expense. Many a small business owner enters loan repayments as an expense without segregating the principal amount from interest components. Bookkeeping for small businesses and enterprises is not very difficult.

The author is an SEO copy writer and internet marketing specialist. To know more about
Bookkeepers and Bookkeeping visit

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NEW Small Business Administration: Few Reviews of Guaranteed Lenders Have Been C

small business lenders eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Long Term Unsecured Loans – Get Simple Cash With Simple Settlement Tenure

When a person applies for an alternative that provide him monetary aid, he looks out for such a help that he can repay easily without any kind of hassle. One such option is long term unsecured loans. By going with this fiscal service, the borrower would get simple cash with simple settlement tenure.

With suitable settlement time span of 1 to 10 years, you can arrange a sum that falls in the range of $ 1000 to $ 25000 according to your financial condition and repayment situation. With the help of the borrowed cash, you can do number of things. One can pay his household and utility bills, can pay the installments of the credit car, can plan a holiday, can meet medical and educational bills, can clear any pending debts and so on.

As far as long term unsecured loans are concerned, there is no asset assessment process. Tenants as well as property owners can apply for risk free money. The money lenders would not demand any of your prices possession such as car, house, stock papers and so on in the form of a security. The money lender charges slightly higher rate of interest to lower the risk for him self. You should consider your condition before applying.

The borrower can apply by filling a no obligation and free of cost online application form that would be given on the website of the money lenders. Fill it with your authentic personal information. The moment the process of verification is over, you would get an approval. In as time as possible, the money would get transferred into your bank account.

Minus the paperwork hassle, you can apply even if your have an imperfect credit score. All kinds of debts and defaults such as IVA, CCs, insolvency, arrears, bankruptcy, foreclosures and so on would not be paid much heeds in the money lending process.

Peter Swindley the author of this article works as a financial adviser with Unsecured Bad Credit Loans. Peter publishes informative articles on unsecured bad credit loans, bad credit loans and other financial topics. To know more visit at –

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How to easily collect on tenants debt

Collecting payment is one of the toughest parts of any business. I want to tell you how I handle it, what has worked, where I am today and what I recommend for this often complicated task.

Somebody owes you money. They were living in one of your units or one of your houses. They left without paying and left a lot of damage to your place. It is going to cost you a lot of money to get the place back up and going again.

But getting the place back up and going again is our first course of action. In Ohio, we call this reclaiming the property. After the property has been reclaimed, we work to recover our money. At this time we don’t run to evictions court.

My recommendation is collection agencies. Hire one. The time and pain of the legal process is cut down this way. Collections agents are willing to work to get your money. I like going with local agencies rather than national agencies. I only hire one agent for one particular debt. You can’t spread it around or hire ten different agencies for one debt.

We pull the information together and have pictures of the damage for them. They now have proof.

Once you turn it over to a collection agency you will need to know that they will not want to go after it the first week. They want to wait 30 days to have the person get a residence somewhere. Once they’ve moved out of your place they are in limbo and tough to find.

If the collections agency waits 30 days, they have a better shot at finding them in their newly established residence.

After the 30 day mark, the agency will be aggressive-very aggressive. Because every day this collection gets older, it becomes harder to collect.

I learned this one the hard way. When I first started doing this, I had a renter move out. I made the rookie mistake of putting the collections on the back burner. I was going to decide a year later whether or not to go after them. When I made my decision, it was too late. No collections agency would go after something that old. I put it on the back burner and I got burned!

Collections shops want something that’s hot and active. They can be aggressive on that. It doesn’t matter whether the renter skipped in the middle of the night or was evicted. If it’s old news, the agents don’t want to touch it.

Often somebody who lives locally leaves your property and heads out of state to live with family in Kentucky. Maybe a local agency can’t chase in that state. But you’ll have agreements with whoever is collecting.

A lot of times its attorneys who are collecting and some of them will want 50 percent; some of them will want 30 percent. There’s always some snag. I really don’t care I just want somebody else to do it. When they collect, we pay.

The bottom line here is you get your money. This is business and it’s about the bottom line.

E. Alan Cowgill is the owner of Colby Properties, LLC. and President of Integrity Home Buyers, Inc. Since 1995, Alan has bought and sold hundreds of single family and/or small multi-family investment properties in Springfield, Ohio. Alan uses Private Lenders, not banks, to fund his real estate purchases. By doing this, he has created his own private bank of ,000,000 in funds. Alan looks for situations where the seller, the lender, and the eventual homeowner can all “Win”. He is not a Realtor, but a Private Investor, author, consultant and national speaker. He has been asked to speak on the topics of ‘Investing for the Beginning Investor.’ and ‘Finding Private Lenders.’ His home study system, ‘Private Lending Made Easy’, shows new and seasoned real estate investors how to find private lenders for their own real estate business.

His website is

Unsecured Business Loans Aid Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There may be no denying that these times are tough to put into practice. People generate much less than what these people spend, and even the little attained barely keeps with the basic expenditures any longer. For the reason that the costs of goods are usually excessive, it becomes all of the a lot harder for men and women to have the things they want, a lot less what they need. In fact, plenty of people today work two shifts per day, or fill-in 2 jobs in a week, or worse, in a day. Fortunately for individuals, even though, we now love in the age of the Web where most of everything can be searched. As a matter of fact, even ways to money-related challenges might be discovered online; a common catch would be where you can search them.


Due to advancement of technology, a lot of on the internet job opportunities have been filled. Most of them, working just within their own room, merely have a reliable personal computer, along with a stable Web connection. A few people today are, as a matter of reality, additional industrious than others and they will come property all exhausted from an eight-hour job to an additional part-time work. The great factor about these types of job opportunities although, is that the worker will be totally free to be effective within their own schedule for as long as the target number of working hours required in a week is attained. Initially, it would require some acquiring utilized to, but is definitely quick to adjust to especially with the independence over time management. In this way, those that work tough are able to gain additional to cover for your every day cost of living, and even for a few wants.


On the other hand, nothing beats being one’s very own boss, as opposed to performing duties plotted to suit your needs, and also underneath the supervision of a superior. Another factor is the independence of your time, in which for workers can result in a normal workday to range from boring to limiting. In opposition to this, as one’s very own supervisor, you may determine that tasks to schedule for when. That way, the productivity of one’s own time is maximized. Certain, it may perhaps be a huge responsibility to bear, having to operate things, to decide what could make or break, but for some men and women, it may be a source of fulfillment.


Times are difficult these days, and the same goes for putting up an enterprise. A big part of this difficulty lies in the acquisition of the capital, which is, no doubt, a major, if not the most necessary and primary requirement to pursue a enterprise plan. Fortuitously, borrowing cash from a company line of credit is attainable nowadays. Even without collateral, corporate lenders may possibly grant unsecured business loans, like a bad credit business loan, as long as the business has potential.


Regardless how testing times are, solutions may constantly be discovered. Resourcefulness and tough work are a good combination to battle these challenging times. For businessmen, a great strategy, then, would be to have a feasibility study ready on hand to showcase the foolproof enterprise plans.


If you need help with a small business loan or if you want to find an alternative to unsecured business loans, visit our site today.

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Debt Settlement Business + Loan Mod Business Turn Key

Debt Settlement Business + Loan Mod Business Turn Key

Debt Settlement Business + Loan Mod Business Turn Key

Complete Turn Key Businesses for Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Loan Modifications, and Real Estate Business. Everything to get you started in these lucrative growing businesses. Everything included in the package is listed below. ,000 Value for only .95! Complete Set of Manuals & Tutorials Included Free.Free Updates IncludedFree Bonus SoftwareThe following bonus software products and tools FREE with your order today. – Complete Financial & Business Planning Tool Kit 0 Value
– 12 M


How To Purchase Salvage Title Used Cars

Several people may think that it is very impractical and unconventional to purchase some salvage title used cars. They thought that this is a very weird thing to do especially since they thought that these are just junks. However, this is actually not the case because there are already a lot of people who benefited form these kinds of automobiles.

If you are going to look for some of these salvage title used cars, you will notice that most of them are very affordable. As a matter of fact, if you are going to assess their prices, you will notice that they are about 90 percent cheaper than their original market value and indeed, this is very affordable. And if you do not have that much cash, this is certainly a very practical option.

And if you are worried about the legality of these salvage title used cars, there is no need for you to worry because the vendors of the vehicles have the necessary supporting documents. And if you are not yet convinced, then you need to know that various government agencies also sell these kinds of units.

However, you also need to know that there are still a few things that you need to consider if you want to try this out. First of all, you have to make sure that you are going to purchase a unit that is still in excellent condition. You have to make sure that it is still functional and it can really take you for miles. This is necessary if you want to get what you have paid for.

It will also do you good if you are going to draft your budget so that you will not overpay. There is also a need for you to research on how these kinds of automobiles are being priced in the market.

However, if you are really clueless about all of these, then you might want to consider looking for some agent. They can really be very helpful as they are very experienced and knowledgeable with these things.

You can search through your local papers if you do not know where to find these salvage title used cars. It is also a good idea if you are going to browse through the Web.

You may want to consider looking for some salvage title used cars but it is very important that you remember these tips.

Uncover useful tips on seized car auctions such as where to find cheap public car auctions near your home. Also, read another popular article on seized car auctions.

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