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Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

Solving the Capital Equation: Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner or considering starting or buying one, this book will provide you with practical and actionable advice for solving your financing issues. Easy-to-follow examples and real-life case studies take you through the process and provide step-by-step alternatives for financing your business. Written by a former financial and business advisor who has helped small businesses garner over Million in financing. The author is the former owner of a commerci

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From Microfinance to Small Business Finance: The Business Case for Private Capit

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Lump Sum Settlement

A lump sum settlement is exactly what it sounds like. A financial judgment is awarded to an injured individual with payment being issued as one payment. This type of payment is preferred to the standard, which is a structured settlement, which gives the paying party the opportunity to make payments to the injured party over a period of time.

Getting a lump sum settlement allows the injured party the opportunity to pay off medical bills and other bills that may have gotten behind due to a lack of income from the injured party, who may or may not have become disabled at the time of injury. Lump sum payments also allow the injured party to make purchases in cash that may not otherwise have been possible, such as a new home for a newly disabled person.

Rarely are settlements paid in a lump sum fashion. More often, these awards are made in a structured settlement fashion. This type of arrangement oftentimes leaves the injured party scrambling to make ends meet. That’s where settlement-funding companies come in. Investors who offer to exchange a lump sum payment for your structured settlement payments often run these companies.

While this sounds like a dream come true, consider this. Investors are in the business to make money. When you exchange your monthly payments for a lump sum settlement, you are, in essence, giving away a portion of your award. Sometimes the amount that you forfeit can be as much as half. Depending on your current situation, this may or may not make sense. Carefully consider all your options before deciding on this option.

If you are a victim of an injury and have received an award, ask your attorney if your payment can be made in a lump sum settlement. If not, ask your attorney if he can refer you to a reputable settlement funding company, if having the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time is necessary for your situation. Most of the time, attorneys can point you in the right direction and help keep you from taking a larger hit than is necessary.

For more information or a free lumpsum cash quote on your structured settlement advance, contact Professional Settlement Buyers

Mobile Home Loan (mobile Home Park Loans, Mobile Home Mortgage Loans)

For all those new to the concept of Mobile homes, they are a makeshift arrangement that are constructed in companies and as the name suggests they can be carried to the work site and fixed on the ground. Generally, work sites are located in rural and suburbs which do not have office chambers as such. These work sites are known as home parks in United Kingdom and United States of America. They are portable by semi trucks. Not merely assisting in catering to the professional needs, they also give a new dimension to the concept of motorized highway travel. These loans help make your life a journey a great comfort in truest sense. They play a vital role in providing shelters to the families who do not wish to expend much on accommodation. Furthermore, they are also a great help for those who love adventure and crave to lead a different life. The good news is if you too wish to have a home for your self but due to monetary reasons which have kept you from getting one for yourself, there is nothing to worry about anymore. Today, they assist you in buying both the park and the home for yourself. The only thing to be kept in mind is not to get confused with the eligibility criteria of traditional home loans and these loans. The construction standard of needs to be in tune with the proposed norms of HUD under the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974. These criteria are a must for attaining the mobile park load. Mobile home mortgage loans are regarded as chattel mortgages. To put in simple words, they are loans given for movable property rather than real property. So it is the mobile home which plays a central role and not the land

Author is a consultant who loves to write on topics related to finance, education and travel. For all those who wish to have a Mobile home for themselves can take help from the mobile home loan.Read more on Mobile Home Park Loans.

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Small Business Support Has Big Impact

Standing in front of the crowd at the recent Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards luncheon, I was awed to see so many supporters of the small business community.

This support is exactly what we need to help boost the economy as we continue to watch the Dow Jones Industrial Average fluctuate and read bleak business headlines on a daily basis.

Small businesses and organizations, such as the Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center, need our support now more than ever. By backing entrepreneurs, we encourage economic activity, creating an increase in production levels and spurring businesses to add jobs. These new employees will spend their earned wages on goods and services that are produced by these firms, further adding to production levels. This cycle continues, prompting additional economic growth. Likewise, any reduction in small business support will decrease overall economic activity and can shrink the overall economy.

But why is it vital to focus on small businesses and not the larger companies? It’s these small companies that continue to adapt and change and grow.

Research by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy shows that small businesses create most of the nation’s net new jobs. It also revealed that small businesses are 13 times more innovative, and they bring dynamic ideas and fresh products to the marketplace.

It is this innovative mindset that landed Terry Daniel and Lou Pringle of Exhaust Productions Inc. in the limelight. The entrepreneurs were honored with the 2008 Small Business Person of the Year Award at this year’s luncheon. When manufacturing started to shift to China, the team decided to switch gears by moving into the performance motorcycle industry and Rush Racing products.

By taking the time to recognize companies, such as Exhaust Productions Inc., the Northwest Indiana SBDC is continuing to foster the development of small businesses and spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit. It is our mission to have a positive and measurable impact on the formation and growth of small businesses in the region and state. We have workshops, one-on-one consulting, referrals, training and other essential business tools to help guide small business owners toward success.

The entrepreneur is a risk-taker. It takes courage to make the leap, which is why community support and resources, such as the NWI SBDC, can make such a big difference.

Joshua Lybolt

Is Leadership Just a Title

Leadership is an interesting concept. So many people feel they are one, but few can really describe just what is looks like. This leads us to a question, are you a leader because you have been given a position, or are you a leader because of your behavior and accomplishments?

The majority of new leaders today would say they are a leader because of their accomplishment. But are those accomplishments ‘leadership’ accomplishments or simply accomplishment within the role you previously held? Leadership accomplishments can come from anyone in any position. You can just as easily be viewed as a leader by your peers as you can by receiving a promotion into a leadership role.

The point of our coaching session today is that ‘Leadership’ has nothing to do with title or position. It has everything to do with your ability to influence the behaviors of those around you. Many teams have one or more ‘leaders’ that are actually team members that have taken on an unofficial role of guiding others in a positive way. In fact, one of our first acts as a new leader of a team is to seek out any of these peer leaders and quickly gain their support.

So we say that leadership is about ‘Influence’. So what is Influence? Well, as a leader we really have 2 approaches we can take to accomplish our goals. We can use the ‘Carott and Stick’ approach, where we provide rewards to encourage positive behavior, and threats to discourage unwanted behavior. Or we can use Influence to create a desire for team members to do the right things to produce the desired results.

The challenge with the reward/punishment approach to leadership is that this only work as long they are in front of the team members. Take the example of money as a reward for being on time for a certain number of days. You will certainly see results from this reward, but if you ever take this reward away, behavior changes and you immediately have attendance issues again. Do you really want (or need) to pay for people to do what they clearly understood they needed to do when they were hired?

So let’s look at how Influence can impact attendance. As the leader, we first of all set the example ourselves by being on time. Our actions speak much louder than simply our words. We also influence attendance behavior by taking the time to articulate the impact being late has on customers and other team members. Knowing the ‘whys” behind a policy is powerful. Influence also means that you have built a great relationship with each team member, and they feel a strong desire to perform well to please you.

We shared just 3 examples of how Influence can move team members to ‘want’ to do the right thing. Notice that no money changed hands, no one was fired or written up. We simply created the environment where team members do the right things because they have more information, and they have a relationship (positive) with you as the leader. They simply have the DESIRE to do the right things. That’s how we influence as a leader.

Kreg Enderson is a certified coach and owner operator of , a learning community for new leaders.

Most popular How To Get A Small Business Loan auctions

Most popular how to get a small business loan eBay auctions:

How to Get a Loan or Line of Credit for Your Business (Small Business Sourceboo

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The SBA Loan Book : How to Get a Small Business Loan Even with Poor Credit,...
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Website Design Tips For Small Businesses

A well-designed, information-rich website can add great value to a business whether big or small. The navigation panels and extent of branched information is likely less for small businesses when compared with bigger businesses.

Here are some design tips specifically for small businesses.

Simple Design

A website needs to be designed in a simple way. Too many pictures, too much information, and things popping out of everywhere will just confuse the web browser or reader. A simple design is not only simple in its beauty, it is simple in terms of ease of navigation, ease of downloading or uploading information, search ability, and most important of all, the readily available company contact information.


Navigation is an important part of a website design. A well-planned website gives an initial introduction on the landing page and offers information on products and services through tabs that can be clicked to get more info. Also, there is help, customer contact, and online purchase aspects to the site, which need to be easily accessible and navigable. Excessively branched panels and excessive clicking should be avoided. A customer should be able to get the information in less than three clicks.


The programming of a website for a small business should use simple programming tools or programming language. This is because, as the business grows, there will be a need to add more and more information or sometimes a need to branch the information. Using a simple programming tool or programming language and a simple layout will enable one to make additions without disturbing the existing setup.

Images, Videos, and Downloading and Uploading

A picture speaks a thousand words. It is always advisable to use pictures effectively, as pictures stay in mind longer than words do. However, usage of complex forms of videos and large-size pictures should be avoided. If the size of an image is too big, it costs on the bandwidth and takes a long time to display. Also flash videos require certain software, and they take time to play too; this tests the customers patience, many of whom may just exit the website.


Technology is growing at a fast pace. The Internet is now accessible not only on computers but also on several handheld devices, like iPods, iPads, and mobile phones. The Internet bandwidth for some of these devices is lower than for PCs or laptops. For a website to be accessible on a mobile phone or other handheld device, the design needs to be compatible with the software on these devices, and the website design should be compatible with the mobile screen resolution. This allows more and more people to access the website, thus making the website popular.

Safety And Security

A website for a small business that offers product sales or requires customers to create login accounts or provide personal information needs to be secure. The security interface, the payment interface, and the website design should all be synchronized so as to offer smooth and safe transactions. Also, by offering existing e-mail addresses to be used as login IDs, a website design can avoid excessive database storage and make the design simpler, easily navigable, and beautiful all at the same time.

Wholesale forum offers a one-of-its-kind drop shippers directory where you can interact with different people and share your knowledge about wholesale forum.

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High risk unsecured personal loans: Loan to improve your score

In the current economy it has been observed that nobody is living free from debts. Now a day everyone is trap in financial crises due to several of reason. Everyone need help to come out of it. In this situation if you are trap in financial crises then it is not a big issue. Lender has introduced several of aid through which you can solve your problem easily. If you want good amount without pledging your property as collateral or without taking risk again your property then you can apply for high risk personal loans.

In high risk personal loans you are not required to pledge any of your property with lender. In this lender will give you amount on that basis of the trust that will pay off amount on time. In this lender will offer you huge amount which will vary from £ 1000 to £25000 and you have to pay back amount from 1 to 5 years. You can use the issue amount for meeting various expenses such as repairing a car, Shopping, Buying new laptop , Purchasing monthly ration for home , Paying extra electricity & water bills and so on.

The special feature of High risk unsecured personal loans that in this peoples who are suffering from defective tag can apply for it easily. In this you don’t have to worry about lender here no lender will ask your credit score at that of availing cash. In this all the application with defective tag are acceptable. In fact lender will approve your application on the basis of your regular and stable income rather than on the basis of credit score.

The best part of this aid that it is free from formality. In this you don’t have to follow up the same old method of availing cash. In this you have to submit less paper which is not at all time consuming.

Eligibility criteria

· He should have regular source of income

· Should have authentic account in bank

· He should be dweller of UK

· His age should be 18 years or more at the time of application loan

To apply for this service you need to fill online application and after sometime he will transfer the amount into your account.

Christian Phelps is a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management. He has been working with loan for self employed since his academics got over. To find cheap high risk personal loans, high risk personal signature loans, fast high risk personal loans, high risk personal loans online, high risk secured personal loans, guaranteed visit

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CFPB Your Home Loan Toolkit (a step by step guide) Reviews

CFPB Your Home Loan Toolkit (a step by step guide)

CFPB Your Home Loan Toolkit (a step by step guide)

  • A step-by-step guide
  • Designed to be used in connection with the new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure form
  • CFPB Approved
  • 50 Per Pack

This  Home Loan Toolkit is A Step-by-Step Guide required by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This updated booklet replaces the Settlement Cost Booklet and  is designed to be used in connection with the new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure form. Starting October 3, 2015 creditors must provide this new booklet to mortgage applicants as a part of the application process.

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Rich’s Common Sense Guide to Erasing Debt & Building Wealth in Tough Times: Insider Secrets & Strategies to Free You From Debt Now and Forever — GUARANTEED!

Rich's Common Sense Guide to Erasing Debt & Building Wealth in Tough Times: Insider Secrets & Strategies to Free You From Debt Now and Forever -- GUARANTEED!

Bankruptcy Lawyer Rich Fonfrias has helped thousands of people erase millions of dollars of debt using the powerful methods he explains in this book. As a lawyer, Rich fights for his clients both in and out of court. He protects them with bankruptcy when that’s the best strategy. And he relies on bankruptcy alternatives when they benefit his clients. In this common sense guide, Rich’s experience as a lawyer helps you understand foreclosure, home equity loans, credit scores, bankruptcy, bank

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1915 Imperial Russia Vitebsk Peasant Land Bank Settlement on a Loan

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