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How To Market Your Small Business Opportunity

The market is already filled with a lot of established small businesses hence; business owners should really work hard in marketing their businesses. There are a lot of ways to market a small business which usually boils down to offline and online marketing.

Offline marketing can be done in numerous ways:
1.Sending newsletters to prospective clients. Giving your customers a heads up on your business is a good way. You could also leave those newsletters or pamphlets to small stores where clients could just pick them up.
2.Banners and billboards with your company logo and motto. This may be a little expensive than the usual marketing but it effectively brings the message to your clients and would be clients.
3.Business giveaways. Giving away ballpens, t-shirt, mugs and other small tokens with your small business logo is definitely a good tactic. Find something that can be easily seen by your clients like a paper weight which will remind and stick to their minds.
4.Giving away fliers. Giving fliers to places with good traffic is indeed a good idea especially if your business is targeting a specific location.

Online Marketing is very ideal nowadays since it is the internet era and more and more people are browsing the web to find good deals of products and services, try the following to promote your small businesses.
1. Participate in Forums. Participating in forums of your related market is good way to share your expertise of the products and services and you could directly or indirectly advertise your company.
2. Creating how-to videos. Take advantage of youtubes and other video sharing site where you could create a video explaining the steps on how to use your products and/or services and its advantages.
3. Writing articles and submitting to article directories. People love to learn more about your small business and well-written articles are definitely a yes to this.
4. Joining and creating your small business profile in social networking sites. Imagine how many people are using Facebook and these are the same numbers that could know your small business too so create your companys fan page and interact with them now!

Learning how to market your small business opportunity may not need to be expensive. What ever tactic you choose keep in mind the benefits it will give your business so you could narrow down your choices without being shortchanged of your effort and money investment.

Know how to market your small business opportunity effectively!

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What Are Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are a financial instrument that is part of national and international attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One carbon credit is equal to one ton of destroyed greenhouse gasses. These credits are generated by projects that either absorb carbon or otherwise reduce emissions through clean energy. Many individuals are now taking an interest in their carbon footprints, trying to lower their usage, as well as trying different ways to offset their carbon usage.

Carbon credits are part of an approach to emissions trading. With a certain amount of greenhouse gas allotted to markets, each individual group is given the opportunity to decide how much of a limited amount can be designated to each area. This allows industries to control the amount of greenhouse gasses they are using. This also allows industrial and commercial processes to market in the direction of lower emissions, or approaches that are used to not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. This helps to finance carbon reduction schemes.

Carbon credits are in two different markets, the large compliance market and the smaller voluntary market. Corporations and industries participate in the compliance market where they purchase carbon offsets to comply with caps on carbon dioxide emissions. In 2006, about $ 5.5 billion of carbon offsets were purchased in the compliance market. This represents about 1.6 billion metric tons of CO2e reductions.

Many companies sell carbon credits. Carbon credits are purchased from investment funds or carbon development companies. Many of these companies have saved these credits from other individual products, and offset themselves and the buyers by selling them. The quality of the credits is based on the validation process, the type of fund, and the development company. The price is also affected by these things. Voluntary units typically have less value than the units sold through the rigorously-validated Clean Development Mechanism.

There are common features to carbon offsets: vintage, source, and certification regime. Vintage refers to the year in which the carbon reduction takes place, while the source refers to the project or technology used in offsetting the carbon emissions. The certification regime describes the rules and regulations that are in correlation to the carbon offsets.

In the smaller, voluntary market, individuals, companies, and others purchase carbon offsets because of their own determination to lower greenhouse emissions. The emissions they focus on lowering are most often transportation and electricity usage. In 2006, about $ 91 million of carbon offsets were purchased in the voluntary market, representing about 24 million metric tons of CO2e reductions.

There are two distinct types of carbon credits: carbon offset credits (COCs) and carbon reduction credits (CRCs). Carbon offset credits consist of clean forms of energy production, wind, solar, hydro and biofuels. Carbon reduction credits consist of the collection and storage of carbon from the earth’s atmosphere through reforestation, forestation, ocean and soil collection and storage efforts. Both ways are valid and positively recognized, each used in different situations.

Carbon credits initially came into existence as an attempt to inform and create awareness of the need to control emissions. Since then, it has been proven that the concept of carbon credits can be highly successful. This tradable system is one of the policy instruments that are very effective. As long as prices are maintained it should continue to be positive. is a comprehensive ecommerce website that combines robust commerce, content, and community.  We believe that we have created the most comprehensive site to date to make eco-friendly products, services, and information available to individuals who wish to live a green, more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Our site offers a very broad and diverse array of eco-friendly products as well as comprehensive, authoritative information and environmental education.  Additionally, users can enjoy the sense of community created by participating in our Forum.

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Credit Card Pricing – How to Get Great Pricing

If you run a business, there’s a good chance that you already accept credit cards. If you’re new to starting a business, there are some things you should know about credit card processing that will save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

The first part of pricing that everybody uses to compare one provider against another is the discount rate. Business owners always want to know the discount rate. This is the rate that typically results in the most fees paid by merchants so with good cause is the one that merchants should definitely try to keep low.

Your discount rate will depend on which type of merchant you are. If you’re a supermarket, for instance, you’ll pay significantly less than a website dedicated to travel reservations. You’ll also have a lower discount rate if you process mostly check cards vs. corporate cards, for instance.

Another fee charged is the per transaction fee which is typically about $ .20 per transaction. These can get as low as $ .15 to $ .16 per transaction but it wouldn’t be worth negotiating that low unless you have an incredibly low average ticket item. If you have a $ 10 average transaction, a $ .25 per transaction would be a 2.5% effective rate. If you add a 1.5% discount rate, you’d end up with an effective rate of 4%.

If you have a per transaction of $ .17, the same $ 10 transaction would have a 1.7% transaction rate which would reduce your overall effective rate on those smaller ticket items. Your goal should be to get your effective rate as low as you possibly can.

Business owners will typically have a monthly fee, usually in the form of a statement fee, customer service fee, or monthly account maintenance fee. This fee is usually about $ 10 per month.

There is also a monthly minimum that is usually charged on merchant accounts as well. This is a $ 25 minimum fee based on the discount rate. Any given month, the $ 25 worth of discount fees is charged. So, if you process $ 1000 per month at 1.7%, you’ll be assessed $ 17 worth of discount fees. If your minimum is $ 25, you’d pay the extra $ 8 worth of fees to equal the $ 25.

These are the main fees associated with any merchant account. Of course, there are more fees that will apply to certain types of accounts, such as an internet-based account or a wireless account which may have additional fees. There are also some per instance fees such as insufficient funds fee, chargeback, retrieval fees, AVS fees, batch header fees, and other misc. fees. Your sales representative should know and be able to explain any and all of these fees.

Be sure to work with a merchant service provider and a sales representative that you can trust. The industry is a lucrative one and attracts both the honest and dishonest sales reps. Having said that, make sure you review the “fine print” and pricing pages for the application before you commit to work with a merchant services provider.

Brian is an expert at helping businesses just like yours reduce expenses on their credit card processing. If you’re serious about reducing your expenses and doing so without a major hassle, contact Brian through his website dedicated to business merchant accounts.

Just Win! A Guidebook For Notary Siging Agents: A Business Guide For Loan Signing Agents and Mobile Notary Public Reviews

Just Win! A Guidebook For Notary Siging Agents: A Business Guide For Loan Signing Agents and Mobile Notary Public

Just Win! A Guidebook For Notary Siging Agents: A Business Guide For Loan Signing Agents and Mobile Notary Public

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Unsecured Personal Loans ? Ensure Monetary Help with No Risk

It is easy to borrow money when you have collateral to pledge, but things become tough when you do not have collateral that you can offer. Due to the increasing competition of loan market, lenders have come up with unsecured personal loans that are crafted for small needs. These loans are a way out for tenants and non homeowners to procure the fund for the basic responsibilities.

It is obvious that you can not achieve the big amount here due to absence of security reason. Lenders do not take the risk by offering the heavy amount, but your financial condition is a judgmental part. If you can convenience the lender about your repayment power, then he may offer you a good amount.

This facility is only available for UK people who are adults. People can achieve the amount if your financial condition is good it means that you should have a good paying job with an active bank account. Lenders check these details and then allow the loan. In the absence of security the value of these details becomes very important in the approval point of view.

Under the unsecured loans you can achieve the amount up to £25000 for the time period of 1 to 25 years. Be careful because of the higher interest rate. Lenders keep the APR high because of the risk factor.

Bad credits borrowers can also make this financial program their best friend. They can achieve the amount with no credit check condition, but it is necessary that they have good potential to pay back the loan.

Online lenders are the easy source of procuring the finance as they give simple and fast processing. They process the whole application procedure online so you do not come out of your house. By taking some information from your side through the online form, they approve the amount. The money will be credited in your account without any hassle.

Stephen Broad is financial adviser for Unsecured Loansx. Click here to know more about unsecured personal loans, loans for bad credit, unsecured loans and poor credit unsecured loans.

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Great Advertising Tips For Small Businesses

Advertising is omnipresent and all-pervading. Anywhere you look at, you will see ads; on TV, online, radio, magazines, billboards, movies, newspapers, stadiums, everywhere and anywhere. Consumers are bombarded any minute with advertisements, sometimes good, sometimes really hectic, but the bottom line is that advertising can really make or break your business.

Especially, if you own a small business you need to advertise it heavily and participate in the challenging effort of convincing consumers that your business is better than those of competitors for a variety of reasons. The problem is what exactly you need to do to effectively promote your products or services and achieve both customer loyalty and profitable operations.

Here are some great advertising tips to help you in this process:

a) Link to other websites

In the era of technological advancement, your business should definitely have a website. A well-structured website will enable your visitors to navigate through your products and services quickly and easily. In due time, their customer experience will be unique and not only they will turn into your business advocates, but their interaction with your business will be smooth and pleasant.

Yet, having only a well-structured website it’s not enough. You need to link your website to other websites. Well-crafted, relevant links to great sites can impress both your customers and the search engines. Besides, linking will improve your customers’ experience and your own credibility. By adding carefully chosen links from your pages to complementary content on other high-quality web sites you show to your customers and visitors that your content is valuable and this will make them to return for more information.

Moreover, great links can also help influence your reputation with search engines. Like your customers, search engines are more likely to appreciate links to other great sites and this will increase traffic to your website and eventually profitability for your business.

b) Sign up for search engine optimization services (SEO)

If you consider search engines a major part of your marketing plan, you should hire a professional search engine optimization (SEO) service, to analyze your business and website and fine-tune your search engine strategy.

With a search engine optimization service, you actually pick relevant keywords that you think your visitors would enter when searching for products or services relevant to your business. Your visitors don’t see your keywords, but SEO use keywords to understand the relevance of your site to particular searches. Therefore, you need to choose specific keywords you expect potential customers would enter in a search engine to find you.

c) Do targeted advertising

Advertising on web sites directly related to your business can be expensive, but with careful research, you may discover inexpensive and effective opportunities for targeted advertising. Subscribe in industry newsletters or to blogs that are related to your business.

Besides, you can look for industry-specific sites and smaller online publishers. You may not afford an ad on the New York Times web site, but you may afford an ad in an editors’ newsletter or community web site.

d) Subscribe to newsletters

Statistics report that it is six times more expensive to make a sale to a new customer than to an existing one. By subscribing to newsletters you can focus your marketing effort to existing customers who are already familiar with similar products or services of your business. In doing so, you will keep advertising costs down by using low-cost promotional policies. Besides, if you cannot afford printed newsletters, e-mail newsletters work equally perfect. All you need is visitors who will subscribe to your website.

e) Use bartering

Bartering is an effective tool to promote your products and services. For instance, you can trade a high-end product from your product line for advertising space or for another company’s product or service. Especially, if your budget is limited, bartering can prove especially helpful for advertising purposes.

f)   Spread the word

Talk about your business to everybody. Spread the word and tell your friends to tell their friends. Use your friend to advertise your business. Word of mouth is the best advertising; it comes from trusted sources; and is also free. So, let your friends, family and anyone you are related to, know about your business and how they can find you online and encourage them to tell people they know who may also be interested in your products and services.

g) Post flyers in high-traffic locations.

Eye-catching, professional-looking flyers that include your business information can reach lots of potential customers. Flyers can be inexpensive to design and photocopy, but they are pretty effective in attracting customers.

Create professional, eye-catching flyers that include your web site, email, and physical addresses and information about your business and post them in high-traffic locations like train and bus stations, town squares etc. Then check back from time to time for any that should be moved or replaced.

h) Seminars/ open house

Hosting an open house in your business is a great opportunity to gain new customers as well as getting your business name known in the market. People love going to events and with the right programming you will turn your visitors into new customers in no time. Your marketing efforts will be sooner compensated if you host a seminar or an open house in your facilities with media coverage and nice turnout.

All above tips are great tools to help you advertise and promote your business. Keep in mind that, especially as a small business owner, you need to consider both online and offline advertising to reach the widest range of potential customers. This is an effective practice to take advantage of the various ways in which potential customers are likely to come across your business.

Christina Pomoni has acquired her MBA Finance from the American College of Greece. Her advanced familiarity with financial statement analysis, capital budgeting and market research has been acquired through her professional career at high-esteemed organizations. Besides, having lived at Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL and Paris, France has helped her, not only to be a successful professional, but mostly to see life under a more creative and innovative perspective.

Since 2005, Christina provides high quality writing services to where she is also appointed as a Channel Steward of Economic Values ( Besides, she contributes her knowledge and expertise to several websites and research companies. Her areas of specialization are Business, Finance & Investment, Society, Politics & Culture. She also has a very good knowledge of Entertainment, Health & Fitness and Computers & Technology.

Christina recently launched her own writing company (