Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

Explore the many options available to get the money you need for your business Whether your business is a new start-up, an established company attempting to grow, or somewhere in between, Get Your Business Funded gives you the full range of options for raising capital in today’s challenging economy. Covering everything from bank loans to angel investors to equity financing to more unorthodox methods, this complete guide uses clear, easy-to-understand language to explain each approach. Divided


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Dump Truck Loans – Finance Your Need

Is the strength of your business increasing? Do you urgently need an additional dump truck for fill a work order that needs an extra truck to get done? Are the various other expenses weighing you done so much so that you cannot afford one yourself? There are institutions now providing dump truck loans to help you finance your needs. Late realizations of having insufficient equipment or offers you could not turn down despite lack of equipment can now be handled with ease. These loans are approved within 24 hours and so your problem can be taken care of instantly.

It is essential for one to compare lenders before settling for one. Semi truck loans lenders are more likely to understand your urgency for an immediate approval as they specialize in giving contractors loans for equipment. Different lenders offer various services which differ in nature. Amounts, repayment periods and interest rates are subject to change with different lenders. If the clauses of a particular lender suit your needs you can make your choice. This will prevent you from jeopardizing your company and your business by making a mistake with an expensive deal.

A large number of lending institutions as well as smaller companies provide leases. They focus on various aspects like credit (whether good or bad), types of equipment, leaseback financing and large or small tickets. Competitiveness in the loan market was always prevalent. Institutions assisting clients with imperfect credit scores have to manage their defaults and provide accordingly. Usually an amount is asked for as a down payment to avoid any risks to the lending institution or bank. The more reputed the company the fewer are the chances of this happening.

These types of cash advances can also be applied for on the internet. The online method is the quickest one ensuring that no time is wasted of the applicant. Fund transfers are done instantly and therefore a bank account on the applicants name is extremely necessary.

Ben Gannon is financial adviser for Online Loanss. click on the links to know more about dump truck loans, wedding loans, semi truck loans and semi truck financing.

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Need Help with Those Student Loans?

There are often cases of Law students using their newfound legal understanding against the universities which they attend. The danger of teaching students legal information that could be used against them is a risk law professors have long been aware of. With the job market taking a bit of a downturn, however, performing well at university has become all the more important.

With the higher stakes for university students have come a lot more cases of students suing universities. What’s more, it is not only a law student’s game anymore. Individuals studying everything from midwifery to theatre are bringing lawsuits against universities. They hire west London solicitors or a lawyer from elsewhere, and make their case.

Andrew Croskery, a student at Queen’s University Belfast, is in engaged in a much talked about case against the university he attends. His case disputing a grade of 2:2 in electrical engineering is currently being evaluated by the high court. Mr Croskery is arguing that if he had received better supervision from the university his grade would have been higher.

Queen’s University Belfast’s lawyers are arguing that the judicial system is not the proper forum for the case, and thus it should be thrown out. For the high court to take a case like this would be uncommon but not unheard of. For example, last year a midwifery student at Oxford Brookes made the case that the high court should be able to interfere with the university’s claim that she was not cut out to be a housewife because of her performance in a course there. She was successful.

With the job market as fragile as it is, no doubt other student will be motivated by much talked about successes like the aforementioned. Is this development really a good thing for Uk students and universities, however?

Some might assert that holding universities accountable is always a good thing, even if students do it in the judicial system. There is certainly a compelling case to be made that universities cannot police themselves internally with regard to some issues, and thus students should be able to deal with such issues in court.

The other side of the issue is that students are likely to begin taking advantage of the legal system to bring up their grades much more regularly. Some students are already trying to do just this, but the courts have done an excellent job so far of weeding out such people.

The ultimate barometer on whether or not lawsuits against universities are out of hand will be if solicitors in London and elsewhere start specializing in such cases. Law lecturers will really have to be careful then.

Our team of

What Equipment Do I Need to Accept Credit Cards For My Business?

The basic piece of equipment most small retail operation will want is a terminal, that black box that sits next to the cash register and is connected to the card processor via phone line or Internet. Cards may be swiped or input manually and an optional debit PIN pad allows customers to enter their secret PIN for their debit card.

If you accept checks, you can also connect a check swipe reader that will scan the check through the check guarantee service of your choice and electronically deposits the funds into your account, saving trips to the bank. Connected to or part of the terminal is a receipt printer.

Instead of a terminal, you may elect to use a personal computer with a card swipe reader attached to it. Point-of-sale software installed on the computer will accept the input card and send it via internet or phone line for processing and authorization.

There are literally hundreds of POS systems available on the market, many industry-specific, such as for hotels or restaurants.

If you do not have or want a POS system, you can set up a “virtual terminal” on your PC by logging in to your credit card processor’s website and swiping or manually entering card information for authorization. Such sites usually also permit you to void, force and refund transactions or set up recurring transactions such as monthly health club memberships, automobile payments, etc.

Virtual processing usually also permits you to use you cell phone to get authorizations on the go, out in the field, and usually also offer a shopping cart that you can integrate into your company website for online purchases.

For businesses that deliver merchandise to customers, such as pizza shops, there is a new wireless terminal, most like a cell phone, that your drivers carry with them. At the customer’s home they swipe the customer’s card through this mobile terminal and get an authorization. This can represent a tremendous monthly savings over accepting orders over the phone at the store and manually keying in the customer’s credit card number. Remember, manually keyed-in cards are charged a higher Non-Qualified Rate because the fraud risk is higher when the card is not present and swiped. The mobile terminal does swipe the card and it is treated as a card-present transaction, at a much lower rate. Mobile terminals utilize Packet Radio Service or cell service and are very reliable. The driver carries a small printer on their belt to print receipts for the customer.

You can acquire equipment by outright purchase, or lease it. Each option has advantages, discuss them with your accountant. If you do lease, you don’t have to worry if the terminal breaks, just swap it for a new one. Some processors will provide you with a “free” terminal but you will usually end up paying higher transaction rates or other hidden fees. There is no free lunch.

James Hussher is a national Account Executive for Card Payment Solutions, a registered merchant services provider (MSP) for Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase banks. Contact James at, a site James maintains to inform his credit card merchant clients. Wherever you are in the USA, I offer a free analysis of your current merchant account statement. I will provide a report showing you exactly how much you are paying to accept cards in each tier, plus monthly fees; I will also propose the rates we can give you, for a clear side-by-side comparison.

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Financing A Franchise Business? What You Need To Know To Obtain Finance For A Franchise

Can too much expert knowledge in financing a franchise business ever be a bad thing? We certainly don’t think so and we’ll show you how to obtain finance for a franchise business that you have chosen to purchase.

When talking to clients about franchise finance in Canada we generally talk about the Boy Scout motto. You will recall that their motto is ‘ BE PREPARED ‘ and that’s the total strategy around financing a franchise successful that you must adopt.

Getting the money to purchase your franchise of often the biggest worry of new entrepreneurs such as yourself. People search out franchising opportunities because they are essentially looking for a combination of opportunity and wealth – there is usually only one major obstacle to that road to success, it’s the funding for the acquisition of the franchise business.

If we had to summarize in a very simple and basic what you need to be successful in franchise financing we would boil it down to a few key issues. Want to know what they are? From our perspective it all comes down to a reasonable history of business or management experience , a decent personal financial profile – more about that one later, and access to the ‘ inside secret ‘ of franchise financing in Canada, which, you may be surprise to know, is the government of Canada !

Let’s circle back on those points – and as always it comes down and back to our Boy Scout motto – be prepared. We can see our client’s eyes rolling back now when we tell them we need a crisp business plan . That’s a key requirement of your ability to obtain finance for a franchise, simply because it’s the ‘ proof’, if you will, of your ability to understand and run your business properly. In that document you have info about yourself, the business you are purchasing, the industry you are in, and the financial performance you expect to achieve in your new role as business owner and entrepreneur.

From a lenders perspective financing a franchise business is all about one thing – getting paid back for the loan. So the lender will look at how you have structured the financial portion of your business plan to reflect ability to repay your franchise loan, as well as how much cash flow and working capital is left to pay yourself a salary and run your new business. Could anything make more sense than a properly crafted and positioned business plan – we don’t think so.

Your money – you have it, you want to keep it – don’t we all. However, whether it’s a franchise business or any business for that matter OPM never works – OPM is ‘ other people’s money’ and you can’t rely on 100% of outside financing to obtain finance for a franchise in Canada. So be prepared to invest anywhere from 25-50% of the purchase price into your acquisition. Coupled with that and this is critical, you must be able to demonstrate that you have run your personal and business affairs respectably from a credit perspective. Obtaining a copy of your credit report, in advance, by you, is strongly recommended.

And, oh yes, what about that Government Issue we mentioned. That’s one of the great secrets and tips we promised to reveal. Did you know that probably 90% or more of financing a franchise business in Canada revolves around a special loan program called the CSBF/BIL loan? It’s a federal program, and administered by financial institutions. Whats so great about it – limited personal guarantees, great rates, terms and structures.

Speak to an expert in franchise financing when you are looking to obtain finance for a franchise – seek out someone who is trusted, credible and experienced. Be prepared, and get ready to be successful.

Stan Prokop is founder 7 Park Avenue Financial ; Originating financing for Canadian companies,specializing: working capital, cash flow, and asset based financing , the 6 year old firm has completed in excess of 45 Million $ of financing for companies . For info / free consultation on Canadian business financing / contact details see:

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Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

Get Your Business Funded: Creative Methods for Getting the Money You Need

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Explore the many options available to get the money you need for your business Whether your business is a new start-up, an established company attempting to grow, or somewhere in between, Get Your Business Funded gives you the full range of options for raising capital in today’s challenging economy. Covering everything from bank loans to angel investors to equity financing to more unorthodox methods, this complete guide uses clear, easy-to-understand language to explain each approach. Divided

List Price: $ 19.95


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All You Need To Know About SBA Loans… from a Lender…

All You Need To Know About SBA Loans… from a Lender…

All You Need To Know About SBA Loans... from a Lender...

So you are starting your own business or looking for money to expand? Most banks will “push you” towards the SBA Department because of the risks involved in starting a business. Most likely you have to use projections to estimate your future cash flow. This guide will help you gather enough information to succeed in obtaining an SBA loan.

List Price: $ 8.95


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Unsecured Loans for Teacher – You Deserve What You Need

The financial system in this age has shown concern for all types of individuals residing in UK. This includes advances specially formulated for professors teaching in schools and universities. One such loan offered is unsecured loans for teacher. This gives you what you deserve and what you need.

These finances consist of principles similar to other unsecured loans. As a result, the borrower does not need to worry about the need to pledge collateral. Thus, the amount that is available for usage extends from £1,000to £25,000. This amount matures after a term of 1 to 10 years.

This advance assures cash to the borrower without a security. Therefore, the valuation process of property to confirm rates of the asset with respect to market costs is overlooked. In other words, limited time is consumed to approve such an appeal. Therefore, the applicant can access these funds within a stipulated duration.

But, the borrower should realize that he is obliged to make payments of the deal according to the terms stated in the agreement. If there is a default in making payment, the borrower will be liable to pay a high sum of penalty. Therefore, the borrower should be cautious while availing these advances.

There are certain terms to which the borrower should act in response to access these funds. They are as follows:

•  He should be a UK resident with a permanent proof of address.
•  He must be more than the age of 18 years with a fixed place of employment and regular source of income.
•  It is also essential for him to maintain a bank account that is updated from time to time.

If the borrower satisfies these conditions, he can qualify to avail this advance. At the same time, a better option to obtain this form of credit is through the internet. This mode offers facilities that are easily accessible and prove to be very convenient for the applicant.

Rosine Belmont is financial adviser for Chance 4 Loans. click on the links to know more about unsecured loans for teacher, unsecured loans bad credit, doorstep loans and instant decision unsecured loans.

Unsecured Loans-Solution for Your Need

Are you in need funds? Impossible to get funds easily? Unsecured loans are a solution to your problem. And after trying for all the possible things still you are unable to get your funds from anywhere. Or just hesitating to apply for a advance because of your past financial history or your financial status.

Now your problem can be solved if you opt for unsecured loans. These advances are provided to you without taking any collateral security from you against any advance. These loans are also provided to you without any verification for your creditworthiness of repayment of the fund amount. These fiscal advances can help you in satisfying many of your needs such as purchasing of the house or purchasing of the car or meeting your weeding expenses.

These advances as the name suggests are that type of amount offered to you without any security against the funds, so this is the important feature of these type of advance where many of the people can take advantage of this feature. In this type of advance the borrower can even extend the repayment period if he is unable to pay the amount on time. The borrower does not even have the risk of loosing his property which he is kept as a security.

These fiscal funds are of long terms. The amount offered to you in this advance ranges between £1000-£25000. The borrower can repay the amount in a time period of 1-10 years. The borrower must be a UK citizen in order to get this advance and must be above 18 years of age. A person should be a salaried person with his fixed monthly income.

The person can apply for this fiscal advance through internet just by filling the online application form. In a few time span of 24 hours gets transferred in your account after the verification of your form.

Tom Dikkinis an expert financial analyst and has been offering his valuable advice for quite sometime now.For more information related to unsecured loans, bad credit loans and unsecured bad credit loans please visit