Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses

Any successful small business will tell you that effective bookkeeping is a key component of their practice. You may be a business owner with prior bookkeeping experience, but it will still require you to take time out of your already busy day to perform the bookkeeping tasks. This is why you should look for help in keeping your records accurate and complete.

Computer software might be a good option if you are business owner who has undertaken bookkeeping duties in the past. Computer software requires only a one time purchase price and any fees that cover a yearly renewal.  These fees include updates that contain the newest version of your program. Even with fees, it is still a cheaper option than hiring a bookkeeping service on a permanent or even temporary basis. You can also save quite a bit of time with online programs that automatically update internet transactions.

It is apparent that bookkeeping software saves your valuable time, but keep in mind that prior experience is a huge help because new programs will take some getting used to. If taking the time to become acquainted with unfamiliar software is not your thing, then it might be the time to hire a bookkeeping service. The people working for these services already have the experience and training necessary for the job at hand, so they can get to work as soon as you hire them.

It is also more comforting for some to be able to talk to another person about the numbers being crunched. Computer programs will of course detect errors, but you will have to figure them out and fix them on your own. This can eat up a huge amount of time, and it might be quicker to speak to someone and discuss a solution.

Whether you decide on bookkeeping software or on a bookkeeping service, they both provide a good amount of flexibility. Computer programs allow you to take a hands-on approach and decide how the books should be handled according to what you wish. You do not need to be present while a bookkeeping service is at work, but you will still be apprised of the situation via reports and talking to someone. Plus, they can be contracted on a regular basis or as you need them. The type of business you perform and how much business you do will determine your course of action.

It really comes down to personal preference when deciding between bookkeeping software and bookkeeping services. You will need to decide how much experience you have, how much control you want to maintain, and how much you want someone else to look at the books. Which of the two saves you the most time and makes you the happiest is the one to choose.

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Using Your Home To Pay Off Your Debts: The Homeowner’s Basic Guide On Home Equity Loans With Really Useful Tips On How To Get A Loan Using The House As Collateral To Pay Debts Off Right Away

Using Your Home To Pay Off Your Debts: The Homeowner’s Basic Guide On Home Equity Loans With Really Useful Tips On How To Get A Loan Using The House As Collateral To Pay Debts Off Right Away

Using Your Home To Pay Off Your Debts: The Homeowner’s Basic Guide On Home Equity Loans With Really Useful Tips On How To Get A Loan Using The House As Collateral To Pay Debts Off Right Away

Using your home to get out of debt is one solution to your mounting debt problems. But, can you make it work for you? A house is a valuable asset. One way to get value out of it is to use it as guarantee to get a bigger amount of loan to pay off all your other debts. It is a form of secured loan and it’s almost very easy to get approved for a loan this way because there is collateral to protect the lender. However, you put your home at risk in the event of non-repayment of the loan made agains

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Great Advertising Tips For Small Businesses

Advertising is omnipresent and all-pervading. Anywhere you look at, you will see ads; on TV, online, radio, magazines, billboards, movies, newspapers, stadiums, everywhere and anywhere. Consumers are bombarded any minute with advertisements, sometimes good, sometimes really hectic, but the bottom line is that advertising can really make or break your business.

Especially, if you own a small business you need to advertise it heavily and participate in the challenging effort of convincing consumers that your business is better than those of competitors for a variety of reasons. The problem is what exactly you need to do to effectively promote your products or services and achieve both customer loyalty and profitable operations.

Here are some great advertising tips to help you in this process:

a) Link to other websites

In the era of technological advancement, your business should definitely have a website. A well-structured website will enable your visitors to navigate through your products and services quickly and easily. In due time, their customer experience will be unique and not only they will turn into your business advocates, but their interaction with your business will be smooth and pleasant.

Yet, having only a well-structured website it’s not enough. You need to link your website to other websites. Well-crafted, relevant links to great sites can impress both your customers and the search engines. Besides, linking will improve your customers’ experience and your own credibility. By adding carefully chosen links from your pages to complementary content on other high-quality web sites you show to your customers and visitors that your content is valuable and this will make them to return for more information.

Moreover, great links can also help influence your reputation with search engines. Like your customers, search engines are more likely to appreciate links to other great sites and this will increase traffic to your website and eventually profitability for your business.

b) Sign up for search engine optimization services (SEO)

If you consider search engines a major part of your marketing plan, you should hire a professional search engine optimization (SEO) service, to analyze your business and website and fine-tune your search engine strategy.

With a search engine optimization service, you actually pick relevant keywords that you think your visitors would enter when searching for products or services relevant to your business. Your visitors don’t see your keywords, but SEO use keywords to understand the relevance of your site to particular searches. Therefore, you need to choose specific keywords you expect potential customers would enter in a search engine to find you.

c) Do targeted advertising

Advertising on web sites directly related to your business can be expensive, but with careful research, you may discover inexpensive and effective opportunities for targeted advertising. Subscribe in industry newsletters or to blogs that are related to your business.

Besides, you can look for industry-specific sites and smaller online publishers. You may not afford an ad on the New York Times web site, but you may afford an ad in an editors’ newsletter or community web site.

d) Subscribe to newsletters

Statistics report that it is six times more expensive to make a sale to a new customer than to an existing one. By subscribing to newsletters you can focus your marketing effort to existing customers who are already familiar with similar products or services of your business. In doing so, you will keep advertising costs down by using low-cost promotional policies. Besides, if you cannot afford printed newsletters, e-mail newsletters work equally perfect. All you need is visitors who will subscribe to your website.

e) Use bartering

Bartering is an effective tool to promote your products and services. For instance, you can trade a high-end product from your product line for advertising space or for another company’s product or service. Especially, if your budget is limited, bartering can prove especially helpful for advertising purposes.

f)   Spread the word

Talk about your business to everybody. Spread the word and tell your friends to tell their friends. Use your friend to advertise your business. Word of mouth is the best advertising; it comes from trusted sources; and is also free. So, let your friends, family and anyone you are related to, know about your business and how they can find you online and encourage them to tell people they know who may also be interested in your products and services.

g) Post flyers in high-traffic locations.

Eye-catching, professional-looking flyers that include your business information can reach lots of potential customers. Flyers can be inexpensive to design and photocopy, but they are pretty effective in attracting customers.

Create professional, eye-catching flyers that include your web site, email, and physical addresses and information about your business and post them in high-traffic locations like train and bus stations, town squares etc. Then check back from time to time for any that should be moved or replaced.

h) Seminars/ open house

Hosting an open house in your business is a great opportunity to gain new customers as well as getting your business name known in the market. People love going to events and with the right programming you will turn your visitors into new customers in no time. Your marketing efforts will be sooner compensated if you host a seminar or an open house in your facilities with media coverage and nice turnout.

All above tips are great tools to help you advertise and promote your business. Keep in mind that, especially as a small business owner, you need to consider both online and offline advertising to reach the widest range of potential customers. This is an effective practice to take advantage of the various ways in which potential customers are likely to come across your business.

Christina Pomoni has acquired her MBA Finance from the American College of Greece. Her advanced familiarity with financial statement analysis, capital budgeting and market research has been acquired through her professional career at high-esteemed organizations. Besides, having lived at Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL and Paris, France has helped her, not only to be a successful professional, but mostly to see life under a more creative and innovative perspective.

Since 2005, Christina provides high quality writing services to where she is also appointed as a Channel Steward of Economic Values ( Besides, she contributes her knowledge and expertise to several websites and research companies. Her areas of specialization are Business, Finance & Investment, Society, Politics & Culture. She also has a very good knowledge of Entertainment, Health & Fitness and Computers & Technology.

Christina recently launched her own writing company (

Bad Credit Payday Loans Tips: Home Canning Tips Made Easy

We all want to preserve our food. If only we could prolong the shell life of our cereals, cold cuts, milk, etc., there would be less hungry mouths in the world. And because many of us continue to face financial challenges along the way, some cant help but review a few food preservation techniques that they could use in their homes. Although bad credit payday loans are always there to offer financial relief for immediate needs like food. These loans come with high interest rates, so better hold off your plan to apply for one and consider a few preservation processes instead.

Home canning has been one of the most highly-used practices for food preservation. It is a good way to preserve fresh produce from the farm. However, if you do know the right process, you can risk the entire familys health. Canning can promote the growth of bacteria if done the wrong way. Ensure that you follow the following steps.

Tip 1: Use only glass jars that are made specially for canning. These glasses are made from special materials that make them thick enough. It should be able to generate heat after being sterilized and from the heat of the food contained in the jar. Ensure that the jars are free from chips or cracks. Using cracked jars can be very dangerous. They can break during the process. During breakage, bacteria can accumulate very quickly.

Tip 2: Wash the jars well. Use hot soapy water. Rinse them well to remove the traces of the detergent. If you use old jars with mineral deposits, soak them overnight in a mixture of vinegar and water.

Tip 3: Place your jars right side up. Arrange them neatly on top of a rack placed in the bottom of water canner. The jars should be kept at least one inch away from each other. Fill the kettle hot water until its deep enough. Cover the kettle with the lid.

Tip 4: Bring water to boil. Continue boiling for 10 minutes. If you live in areas with altitudes higher than 1,000 feet, you might have to prolong boiling. Add an extra minute for every additional 1,000 feet.

Tip 5: Once the jars have been sterilized, turn off the heat and give them time to sit in hot water.

Food canning is not as tedious as what many people think. This process is very useful especially during difficult financial times. Instead of applying for payday cash loans that come with soaring interest rates, learn a few food preservation techniques and save yourself from financial turmoil.

Next time you’re near someone who needs help with their finances, stop and help them because some people have not received the great advice you have about saving money in Jackie Roller’s writings on Payday loans.

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Small Business Advertising Tips

When watching TV or flipping through a magazine you often see advertisements from large corporations like Coca Cola, Ford, and Nike, have you noticed that these companies aren’t selling you a specific product or service. The reason for this, is that the purpose of their advertisement is to sell you brand preference and brand loyalty. This is great, if you have millions of dollars to spend on a branding campaign and your comapny is a household name with millions of people. Unfortunately most small businesses do not have the luxury of immediate brand recognition and loyalty by millions of consumers. So what can you do to have more effective adverting on a shoestring budget? Let me share with you a few secrets of effective small business advertising.

Advertising: Does Yours Work?

Secret 1

Stop trying to sell with your ads. You adverting is not a vehicle to sell a product or service. When you do this, most of the time, you are throwing your advertising dollars down the drain. I believe that less than 1% of the audience that sees an ad that tries to sell will actually take the next step and make a purchase. It is probably much less than 1% but I’m being optimistic that your advertising dollars spent up until now have been well spent.

Secret 2

Look for and then identify the main concerns of your target market and use these as the basis for each ad or mini article you use as a promotional tool. Whether you write a 30 word print advertisement, a 30 second radio commercial, or a 600 word advertorial (an advertisement made to look and sound like a news story), take a look at what you wrote and see if you are trying to sell something to your audience or are you trying to inform them. Consumers, for the most part are looking to be educated about a product or service, told that the features and benefits of using are right for them and then made to feel that by purchasing your product or service they have made the correct decision. You still need to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested in your advertisement, but make them feel as if they are learning something that will help solve a problem or need.

Secret 3

Don’t expect one advertisement to do all the work and bring in loads of clients and customers. Advertisement is a system of engaging and informing consumers at all points of contact. You need develop a marketing and advertising system where all you advertisements work together to relay key messages to your audience.

Advertising is part art but also part science. There is a proven formula for making small businesses advertising more effective. The trick is what you say within the confines of the advertising formula. But that is another article. Stay Tuned!


Nicholas Pavlich- Management Consultant/Marketing Specialist/Account Manager

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Website Design Tips For Small Businesses

A well-designed, information-rich website can add great value to a business whether big or small. The navigation panels and extent of branched information is likely less for small businesses when compared with bigger businesses.

Here are some design tips specifically for small businesses.

Simple Design

A website needs to be designed in a simple way. Too many pictures, too much information, and things popping out of everywhere will just confuse the web browser or reader. A simple design is not only simple in its beauty, it is simple in terms of ease of navigation, ease of downloading or uploading information, search ability, and most important of all, the readily available company contact information.


Navigation is an important part of a website design. A well-planned website gives an initial introduction on the landing page and offers information on products and services through tabs that can be clicked to get more info. Also, there is help, customer contact, and online purchase aspects to the site, which need to be easily accessible and navigable. Excessively branched panels and excessive clicking should be avoided. A customer should be able to get the information in less than three clicks.


The programming of a website for a small business should use simple programming tools or programming language. This is because, as the business grows, there will be a need to add more and more information or sometimes a need to branch the information. Using a simple programming tool or programming language and a simple layout will enable one to make additions without disturbing the existing setup.

Images, Videos, and Downloading and Uploading

A picture speaks a thousand words. It is always advisable to use pictures effectively, as pictures stay in mind longer than words do. However, usage of complex forms of videos and large-size pictures should be avoided. If the size of an image is too big, it costs on the bandwidth and takes a long time to display. Also flash videos require certain software, and they take time to play too; this tests the customers patience, many of whom may just exit the website.


Technology is growing at a fast pace. The Internet is now accessible not only on computers but also on several handheld devices, like iPods, iPads, and mobile phones. The Internet bandwidth for some of these devices is lower than for PCs or laptops. For a website to be accessible on a mobile phone or other handheld device, the design needs to be compatible with the software on these devices, and the website design should be compatible with the mobile screen resolution. This allows more and more people to access the website, thus making the website popular.

Safety And Security

A website for a small business that offers product sales or requires customers to create login accounts or provide personal information needs to be secure. The security interface, the payment interface, and the website design should all be synchronized so as to offer smooth and safe transactions. Also, by offering existing e-mail addresses to be used as login IDs, a website design can avoid excessive database storage and make the design simpler, easily navigable, and beautiful all at the same time.

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Small Business Twitter Tips

Twitter for business has become a very popular and effective tool for small business and home-based entrepreneurs. It’s become a great way to reach out to new prospects and keep a trusted connection with existing clients.

Customers today are getting more difficult to attract. Part of the reason is that they don’t like the in-your-face marketing that is all too common today. Twitter gives you a chance to connect and let your followers decide if you’re interesting enough to continue to follow or not. And hopefully interesting enough to do business with.

Twitter is not only a wonderful social networking tool but it is also very effective when used efficiently as a PR weapon. Small business Twitter users have found that it can raise their leads in just a few days worth of twittering.

So you’re asking how you can use Twitter for your business?

1.) Look for your friends in real life

Twitter is different than other social networking sites. ‘Followers’ on Twitter are different than ‘Friends’ on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, not all of your Twitter followers will be friends – many will be customers. But you still want to have a solid base of people who you consider friends following you on Twitter to get started with.

It is not a good idea to go around adding anyone who you see is active on Twitter. In Twitter world, that can be annoying to its users. Build your followers deliberately and a little more slowly and start by following people you know.

2.) Search for people who tweet about your industry – they are your niche

Follow people who are smart in your business. And look for people who follow them for you to follow. Get a re-follow will build your follower list with the right profile of followers.

Make sure that you look for people who might be interested in what you have to offer and don’t send a Tweet that is overtly asking for a sale. Twitter users don’t like spam…but then again, who does?

If you want to effectively apply small business twittering, you should start of actually reading what prospective clients say in their Tweets and give a smart “tweetback” before you follow him or her on Twitter.

3.) Be proud of your business, but don’t be TOO proud

If you Twitter for business, it’s okay to let people know what you do and about your business. But don’t mention promos every single time you post a tweet. That’s spamming…and people will begin to tune you out.

If you come off too cocky and annoying, no one will start following you and those who did before will un-follow you. Instead, tweet about your industry, relate your tweetbacks to it and even post in some links. But don’t cross the spam border.

Most Twitter successes come from genuine concern of the small business Twitters. Clients develop real interest and attention when they realize that the people who are meticulously maintaining the Twitter profile really wants to help them.

Small business Twitter usage is great when you want to directly reach your target market. Just make sure that you use it correctly. Make sure that at least an hour is spent in maintaining your Twitter account, so that your profile would be active, and remain interesting to people.

Trent is an experienced Internet marketing consultant that has helped small businesses and non-profit organizations realize explosive sales and results. A speaker at many top conferences, Trent has been helping his clients for over 14 years. He is a frequent contributor to Breakthrough Marketing Methods. Get your free 7-day educational eCourse: “The Secrets to Internet Marketing for Small Business” at

6 Green Conferencing Tips for Small Businesses

Global warming is heating up, and the pressure is on businesses of all sizes to be more environmentally friendly.

And unfortunately, business travel is a huge contributor to carbon dioxide pollution. Did you know that a single flight from London to New York creates an average 1.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions?

Or that a gas-fueled car traveling 500 miles per week creates an average 9 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year?

All of this adds up to nearly 6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted by the U.S. alone.

So what can your small business do to help save the earth without risking productivity? Or worse, your bottom line.

The answer is simple. Your small business can take advantage of the cost savings, convenience, and environmentally-friendly video web conferencing software to get your business done.

And it’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Here are 6 tips to get you started making your conferences green:

1) Have your employees telecommute a couple days a week if possible. Annually, a worker with a one way commute of 22 miles can save up to 81,000 MJ of energy by telecommuting. That’s about 50% of the annual electricity consumption of an average household!

2) Instead of having meeting attendees each take their own notes, use a web conferencing whiteboard slide where everyone can contribute. Every ton of paper you don’t use saves 38 gallons of oil and 17 trees.

3) When you’re in a face to face meeting, use the hibernate or standby function on your computer to cut energy consumption by up to 80%.

4) Use video conferencing instead of traveling overseas. A trip from New York to London creates 1.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

5) Instead of printing out conference call information, download all of your conference call information into your mobile device.

6) Work from home, if you can. On average, a five-day commuting work week releases 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, per employee.

So whether you conduct your meetings face-to-face, on the phone, or on the web, there are many ways to make your meetings greener. And your children and grandchildren will some day thank you for using web conferencing to reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

Sonja Mishek is Vice President of Marketing at VideoLive Conferences, Inc. (

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Tips on How to Start a Small Business

Starting your own business can be a lifelong dream, but if approached in the wrong way, it can be a nightmare. Nothing can be overlooked. Promotional items like promotional mugs can be enough to make or break an upstart business. Although there may not be a simple, straightforward formula for the success of your business, there are things that you can do to help your small business succeed. There are also things that will be detrimental to your small business. This brief guide should help keep you on the right track and stay away from disaster.

Business image is a very important thing to consider. Do you want the small business feel or the almost big business feel? Making your business personable and welcoming or making it seem like it has the giant amount of resources that a big business can have. Employees are a big part of the image your business projects as well. If your employees are professional and full time it gives one the sense of a big business capable of getting things done for a large amount of people over a large area. Having employees who are friendly and from the neighborhood can be a great image booster for a small business. And people love to help small businesses, so having that feel can be really beneficial. But no matter whether you want a big or small feel, employees must be trained well for their position and must most importantly be enthusiastic about their work.

Providing customers with the right products or services is important too. If you only specialize in a small area of work or goods, you may eliminate would-be customers. However, if you have too many options, it can intimidate customers and won’t be very cost efficient for the business. Making sure you have what the customer wants means getting rid of things that have not sold, and ensuring that what you are selling is quality enough for the price you are charging.

Location. If your customers can not get to you, either because they can’t find you, you are too far away, or the traffic is too heavy, then your business will flounder. In areas of high traffic you must make sure you are financed well enough to be able to afford it, keeping in mind that higher traffic areas are often the domain of large commercial retailers who can easily plow your small business under. If you are willing to stay near them, you must ensure that you can compete. That means offering something that they don’t, whether that be convenience, customer service, products, whatever.

There are some things you will certainly want to avoid. Going into business for yourself can quickly go awry if you don’t have a solid plan for the business. Besides not doing some of the things listed above, you must make sure you have good enough financing. Getting a small business through its fledgling days, months, or years, is probably the hardest part of owning a small business. Make sure there is something to keep you business going if something goes wrong.

Chuck R. Stewart has often purchased promotional items for example promotional mugs for the several companies he has worked for.

Free Tips on Business Financing

For a business to stand firmly there is need for adequate funding. You must learn the many types of business financing, learn how to keep cash, how to increase sales, how to do market analysis, how to keep proper customer’s records and how to source for capital for a business. You must consider carefully where to source for funds, how much money you needed to start the business and where to site the business entity. I recommend you source for more money than you actually needed so that the surplus can be transferred to emergency fund. The emergency fund will be kept in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

There are various options of raising funds that may be cheaper than bank financing. The nature of the enterprise will determine how much money needed to start the trade. You must decide whether the project is for a long term or a short term. This will give you the directions on which type of business financing that suite your business plan. You may decide to lease or purchase equipment, this will depends on the opportunity cost and the duration the equipment will be used for the trade.

When deciding on financing a business that suite you ventures needs, it is significant you submit your business plan to the bank or financier of your business organization. The business plan will give details of the amount needed to run the firm, date of loan repayment, an industry overview, sales analysis, market analysis and customers demand. It includes other sources of revenue to your industry. It also includes the amount you are ready to introduce into the business ventures, whether from your personal savings, friends, relatives or social club members.

Finally, many things are connected with business financing. If you really want to be successful in day to day running of your entity, make sure you keep adequate records of your daily sales transactions, general expenses, bills receivable and bills payable. Ensure to open separate current account or savings account for your business enterprise. There are some free business resources online that can help you manage your firm properly. These will enhance growth and success to your business.

For more information about business financing, please visit Funds Your Business or Getting-A Business Loan

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